About Me

Welcome! My name is Matthew or Koopa. I enjoy art to quite an extent, I also enjoy planting and maintaining a tulip garden along with, of course, technology. Quite an odd array if I do say so myself. I have been painting (primarily oil on canvas) and sculpting (plaster and clay mediums) for around 15 years.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well to go with my cherry blossom theme I have started up my BSB.  I need to do NMM on the sword / pike blades and still need to figure out what to do with the banner.  Open to ideas... Also this will be the color scheme I will be redoing my GG in.  Still have clean up / finish some blending but I think its looking decent.  Still needs work, another wash to tone down high lights and touch up etc.

and once again, photo quality from my camera is poor, taking these guys over to a friends house sometime soon to have him photograph them in his booth

Any comments / critism more than welcome, give me some ideas for the banner!




  1. Love the armor and the cloak, the pink rocks too but the lowlight seems a bit too severe. Not sure if that's on your touche up list though :). Not sure on banner either...are there any other colors in your palette? The obvious one would be a pale pink but that might be toomuch pink.

    Edit: and for pictures go do freehand blossoms around a tree?

  2. Is too much pink even possible?

    I agree. At a quick glance, the pink looks beautiful, but on closer inspection the transition from low to high-light seems quite harsh. It maybe the light the photo was taken in, you may play to develop it... not sure.