About Me

Welcome! My name is Matthew or Koopa. I enjoy art to quite an extent, I also enjoy planting and maintaining a tulip garden along with, of course, technology. Quite an odd array if I do say so myself. I have been painting (primarily oil on canvas) and sculpting (plaster and clay mediums) for around 15 years.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Test runs with air brush

Getting familiar with how the brush works, so just messed a round a bit. Tomorrow night I will get into some more formal "training" exercises.

So far lessons learned:

1. Make sure to schedule at least 30 minutes for clean up when first learning.
2. The suction tube does not have to be in the paint, you can use any amount of paint in the jar.




  1. Likies.... thinking about airbrushing my SG. Maybe that'll speed them up a bit.

  2. Oh... and why does it look like you were brushing sperm and ova?